Fishing at Langmere

Langmere lakes, five well established fishing lakes in beautiful, peaceful surroundings which have a growing reputation for producing some of the hardest fighting and most powerful fish you could find anywhere in the Anglian region and possibly the country. The lakes consist of one main lake and four smaller ones making up about 7 acres of water in all. All the lakes are well stocked with coarse fish and four of them have carp in excess of 20lbs, the exception being the small island lake nearest to the cabins but even this one has a few carp to double figures and roach, rudd, tench, perch and smaller carp in abundant quantities, which makes it an ideal water for younger visitors to fish.

Langmere Lakes Fishing Bailiff's story

I have fished these waters for nearly 20 years and have watched them mature and the fish grow to specimen size and even now I am still amazed at the quality and power of these carp. The main lake is rich with Tench in the 3-6lb bracket and 20-30lb Carp. I and a few others who regularly “water watch” have also seen larger fish that have yet to be caught. The smaller lakes must be taken seriously also, as they contain many quality fish and to this day the largest carp I have personally seen is in one of these smaller lakes.

The bivvy swims are well spaced out and generous in size, four of them being double size allowing two people to fish together, also there are many smaller swims for the anglers who fish for shorter periods, or who like myself like to keep on the move looking for fish. Obviously some swims are more productive or more in favour than others but personally I feel confident anywhere on this complex because of the abundance offish, whether your after carp, tench, bream or other coarse fish.

Fishing Rod Licence

An up to date rod licence is required to fish these lakes. It must be carried with you at all times if you are fishing. Children under 12 do not require a licence but if an adult assists a child under 12 then the adult will require a licence.

Langmere Lakes Fishing Syndicate

There is a small syndicate of anglers who regularly fish here and in the main they are friendly and happy to advise and share information on baits, rigs and swims etc. Baits in the main are boilies for carp and tench while the bream, roach and rudd can be caught on just about any bait going. To add some information on fish sizes that I know about in these waters I would say as follows:-

  • Carp-----up to 30lb at present.
  • Tench---up to 8lb 2oz.
  • Bream---up to 10lb.
  • Roach---up to 2lb 8oz.
  • Rudd----up to 2lb 8oz.
  • Perch---up to 4lb.

To conclude I would say that Langmere Lakes take some beating in terms of quality and quantity of fish. It is not a hard water to catch Carp on, but at times it is by no means easy and you will have to work for your fish when things go quiet, either that or change your tactics and enjoy a bit of fun fishing for smaller quarry. This is an excellent all round fishery with some exceptional specimens on a good day or session.

Langmere Lakes Fishing Rules

  1. All litter must be placed in the bins near the gate.
  2. 3 rods are allowed from 1st November through to 28th February. Maximum 2 rods at all other times.
  3. All fish must be returned to the waters from which they were caught.
  4. 2 hours maximum away from swim, longer than this requires equipment and tackle to be removed from swim.
  5. No rods to be left unattended at any time, unless reeled in and baits removed. 2 hours max away from swim (it is not acceptable to leave rods in use under the control of another angler who is already fishing).
  6. No bent or barbed hooks are to be used.
  7. Partner or spouse only to be allowed as a non-angling guest.
  8. Unhooking mats and landing nets must be on display in the swim, sharing with adjacent swim is not acceptable
  9. Any carp appearing in distress or tethered in snags should be reported as quickly as possible to Mr Forster or a Bailiff.
  10. Under no circumstances should any fish be harmed or taken from the fishery anyone caught or seen doing so will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.
  11. Tilley lamps are not permitted. A small shielded light may be used.
  12. Dogs, radio-controlled boats, excessive noise or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.
  13. No nut baits of any description are to be used.
  14. Particle baits must be prepared correctly, if used.
  15. The use of lead core, shock leaders and braided line is not allowed.(Braided line is allowed for spodding and marker rods only)
  16. No casting beyond halfway in the main lake.
  17. No synthetic or artificial baits allowed.
  18. Fishing only allowed from recognized swims or areas considered safe for fish and anglers alike, if in doubt ask a Bailiff.
  19. Membership cards and a current fishing licence must be carried at all times by syndicate members.
  20. Do not allow access to anyone waiting at the gate. If they are allowed access they will know the gate code.
  21. Swimming or wading into the lakes is not permitted.
  22. Children up to the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times around the lakes.
  23. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to fish the main lake unless sharing a swim with a parent.
  24. No syndicate members children allowed. Syndicate membership can begin at 12 years old.
  25. Klinik antiseptic or similar is to be used on any injured fish.
  26. The use of keep nets is not permitted.
  27. There must be no casting across occupied swims.
  28. No trimming or cutting of foliage without the permission of Mr Forster.
  29. All fish must be returned to the water immediately. No sacking of fish is allowed.
  30. No reserving of swims is allowed.
  31. No blocking of footpaths or walkways.
  32. No firearms or Air weapons whatsoever allowed on the premises.
  33. No cycling around lakeside paths.
  34. Any angler using a float rig or a floating surface bait close to branches or any other snag must hand hold their fishing rod or pole
  35. Langmere Lakes will not be held responsible for the loss of tackle, personal injury or damage to vehicles sustained while on the premises.
  36. Langmere Lakes reserve the right to instruct any angler in breach of the above rules to pack up and leave the fishery, risking Membership, which may be withdrawn or loss of security deposit.
  37. The Bailiff is Peter Read. Peter can be contacted on 0777 1880 990.
  38. The works party will be on Wednesday evenings at 6pm and some Sundays in the winter and spring. Anyone wishing to take part should contact the Bailiff